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Infusion Care

In the past, extended hospital stays were necessary to receive specialized intravenous (IV) or other infusion-type therapies. Evidence based practices have proven these therapies are equally as effective in an outpatient setting. Whether it be for a first dose of an IV drug or an extended course of therapy, ID Infusion Care state of the art infusion suites are the perfect choice.

ID Infusion Care has made infusion therapy easy, safe and convenient. ID Infusion Care's licensed specialists are continually trained in the latest techniques and pharmaceuticals. ID Infusion Care renowned physicians are always on the premises to create care plans, monitor your treatment, answer your questions and oversee your care.

Infusion suites are equipped with cozy recliner chairs, flat screen televisions and Wi-Fi capabilities. Infusion nurses pay close attention to your physical and emotional comfort, and encourage you to ask for whatever it is that may help you to relax.

The infusion secretary verifies insurance coverage, coordinates benefits, schedules your initial visit and arranges all follow up infusion appointments. Admitting processes and associated services are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.

Infusion hours are 7:00am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday and 8:00am to 12:00pm on weekends.

ID Infusion Care is open 365 days a year to ensure your care is never compromised.

Contact ID Infusion Care today at 973-989-0068 x 208

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