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Clinical Research and Trials

The ID Care Research Department has been conducting clinical trials for over 20 years. During this time we have been on the forefront of cutting edge treatment options, giving our patients access to some of the most effective medications available. Our research has assisted innumerable individuals in improving their health and contributed to the medical knowledge of the infectious disease community.

To find out more about our research programs and the opportunities available to you and your loved ones, please contact the ID Care Research Department at 908-281-0221 extension 6.

Our Team provides comprehensive research as well as physical and emotional care including:

  • Unwavering dedication to the health and welfare of our patients
  • Thorough screenings for trial participation including evaluations of prior treatment, current status of the infection and the overall health of patients to ensure safety
  • Access to new experimental treatments before they are made available to most patients
  • Opportunity to be cared for by some of the leading experts in the region
  • Supportive, compassionate and knowledgeable personnel

The ID CARE Research team includes:

  • Highly trained physicians
  • Full time clinical research staff
  • Administrative and Support Staff

The ID Care Research Program Brings Real Value

  • The ID Care Research Department is a highly active site for clinical trials that aims to find new and improved treatments for patients with infectious diseases
  • Currently conducting over 17 clinical trials that treat HIV, Hepatitis C, and Hepatitis B
  • Since its inception has performed over 100 medication studies
  • Assisted with the development of major therapeutic advances for HIV and hepatitis
  • Facilitated rapid new testing technology's implementation in the market for HIV, Hepatitis, and other infectious diseases including Lyme Disease

*There are potential risks to participation in a clinical trial which may include unpleasant, serious or even life threatening side effects to experimental treatment. The experimental treatment may not be effective for the participant and the protocol may require more of their time and attention than would a non-protocol treatment.

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