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Mission, Vision and Values

ID Care Mission

ID CARE provides the highest quality infectious diseases services and resource management to patients, healthcare organizations, communities, government agencies and other professionals. ID CARE offers the Right Specialist for clinical care, clinical trials, infusion services, travel care, infection prevention, wound care and expert consultation. ID CARE is the Right Care that is focused on superior, cost effective results and safe outcomes.

ID Care Vision

ID CARE will become the leading healthcare enterprise of infectious diseases specialty services in the country. ID Care will develop a collaborative team that produces measurable results to provide the Right Care every time. ID Care will have a service line that is the most comprehensive and complete to meet the needs for any infectious diseases problem, for any circumstance, for any group, organization or individual throughout the country.

ID Care Values


We care for all patients, family, co-workers and community members


We have concern for open and sincere behavior in all we say and do


We embrace honest, timely, positive, and respectful communication


We foster teamwork among all the ID CARE staff and physicians

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